COST – Modeling Healthcare Costs

EagleForce Health has a strategic partnership with BDO for establishing and validating health economic models and measures. Traditional approaches to modeling healthcare costs are based on analyzing claims data alone. Our approach involves applying our sophisticated machine learning rules, algorithms and statistical analysis to a broader scope of data elements, including semi-structured and unstructured data. … More COST – Modeling Healthcare Costs

RISK – Population Health Stratification

The qualitative value of Risk Stratification is dependent on the depth, breadth and context of the data being analyzed. It is also dependent upon the methodologies and technologies being applied. The exercise of Risk Stratification can be prosecuted at many different levels with varying degrees of accuracy, precision, persistence and value. At EagleForce Health, we … More RISK – Population Health Stratification


Our patented methodologies and technologies provide a competitive advantage for some of the biggest companies in the world, including: HARRIS, L3, IBM, Booz Allen Hamilton, BAE SYSTEMS, NORTHROP GRUMMAN, Transportation Security Administration, BDO, NATO, SAP, ORACLE, DELL, Lockheed Martin, CGI, HP, and Redlaser Technology.


Remove the Barrier of Disparate Systems and Security Concerns Originally developed on behalf of NATO, the EagleForce Health SwissVault™ allows our partners to easily extract, aggregate, integrate and share all forms of data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured data) between disparate systems for analysis without disrupting existing data structure & format. The system can be deployed … More SWISSVAULT™ INTEROPERABILITY HUB


Next Generation Clinical Insights & Business Intelligence Key healthcare business and technology trends related to “real time” persistent analytics are disrupting the traditional data management and processing landscape. Traditional rules-based analysis focused primarily on structured data alone can be slow, costly and incomplete. This, combined with the lack of aggregated and integrated healthcare data across … More SOLUTIONS

Company Overview

EagleForce Health, a division of EagleForce Associates, Inc., delivers the most advanced evidence-based clinical insights and business intelligence for accurate and persistent informing available today. Leveraging the secure technology that has provided knowledge and analytics to both the defense and intelligence sectors for many years, EagleForce Health now brings this high pedigree of advanced analytics, information … More Company Overview


Health Care business and technology trends related to “real time” predictive analytics that use both structured and unstructured data are disrupting the traditional data management and processing landscape. The lack of interoperability and secure information sharing across disparate systems is resulting in huge gaps in today’s analytics, impacting the ability to inform healthcare’s stakeholders with … More HEALTH CARE BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY TRENDS